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Intra Lipotherapy is a method of localized fat reduction. It consists on a single injection of a solution into the targeted area. This solution destroys the fat cells’ nucleus which means that the cells do not regrow.

When the solution is injected into the fatty tissue, a tumescence of the tissue is produced, allowing the ultrasound externally applied on the skin to produce a microcavitation in the area where the solution was injected by enhancing the drainage of fluids present in the treated area.

This protocol, called cavitational adipocitolisis, is indicated for nonsurgical reduction of fatty deposits located in the upper lateral thigh, which are also known as 'saddle bags', the middle of the thigh, and the area around the knee and hips.

Intra Lipotherapy results are excellent, and in many cases eliminate the need to perform liposuction. An average of 3 sessions per area are required, taking place every 3 weeks.