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Rich Plasma

El Plasma Enriquecido en Plaquetas (PRP) o Plasma Rico es una fracción del plasma que posee una alta densidad de plaquetas. Las plaquetas, a su vez, contienen múltipleThe PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a product of blood centrifugation which has a large number of platelets. Platelets, in turn, contain multiple growth factors. Growth factors are protein fragments that increase cell regeneration, thus producing a series of changes in the skin as far as vitality, thickness, elasticity and smoothness are concerned. A biostimulation treatment that acts directly on the cells, activating the natural processes of skin rejuvenation.

Indications in cosmetic dermatology:

Facial biostimulation, hair loss, skin aging, sagging, mild acne scars, SPEP (cellulitis), filling of wrinkle.

How is it performed?

Patient's blood is removed, centrifuged to separate plasma with the platelet-rich fraction, which will be reinjected into the patient's own skin, after being re-centrifuged to allow platelet concentration.

In what areas is it usually applied?

In the face, scalp, neck, neck area and back of the hands.

How long is a treatment?

The process and its application lasts approximately 45 minutes. Patients can reinstate their daily activities as there are no visible marks or discomfort.

When do you see the results?

Growth factors act by stimulating the skin and collagen, so the effect is not immediate. Changes will be appreciated along the first month and remain clear for several months.